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Acer Predator CG437K 43” Monitor Review: Perfectly Sized 4K Gaming

This high-end display offers some of the best contrast, and therefore image quality, available.

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(Image: © Acer)

To read about our monitor tests in-depth, check out Display Testing Explained: How We Test Monitors and TVs (opens in new tab).We cover brightness and contrast testing on page two (opens in new tab).

Uncalibrated – Maximum Backlight Level

To see how the Predator CG437K stacks up against competition we brought in the HP Omen X 65 Emperium, Alienware AW5520QF OLED (opens in new tab) and two ultra-wides in the Acer Predator X27 (opens in new tab) and Acer Predator X35 (opens in new tab).

Acer rates the CG437K at 750 nits in SDR mode, but we measured a searing 933.3 nits. This is one bright monitor -- you could almost warm your hands when displaying a full white field. While impressive, this approach hampers its ability to run at lower light levels. Our benchmark is 50 nits peak in a totally dark room. This Predator only gets down to 120 nits.

The good part is its super-low black level of .1942 nit. The CG437K is the brightest monitor of the sample group by almost double, yet, it finished fourth in black levels. That means its contrast is almost ,5000:1, one of the best scores we’ve recorded for an LCD panel. Obviously, the OLED AW5520QF is in another universe in this test, but the Predator acquits itself extremely well in our standard dynamic range benchmark.

After Calibration to 200 nits

Our calibration consisted only of turning down the backlight to 200 nits. Contrast was 4,569.8:1 and was still the best of all the LCD monitors here. It should be noted that the FALD displays (the Omen X 65, X27 and X35) were measured with local dimming turned off. Our results represent the monitors’ native contrast ratios.

The CG437K stayed strong in the ANSI intra-image contrast test with a 4,539.2:1 score. While you won’t mistake it for an OLED, it is one of the best-looking LCDs we’ve reviewed with rich color, deep blacks and lots of image depth.

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Christian Eberle
Christian Eberle

Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors.

  • derekullo
    I have been waiting to buy a 40"ish monitor for a while.

    I am glad I waited :)

    This deserves a

  • maximiza
    my bdm4065 had a led strip burn out, I ordered this. 2nd week still waiting. I suspect a long back order. worth the wait as I stare at my dark band across my current monitor.
  • mlee 2500
    Finally some progress in this area....real 4K + Gsync at more than 60Hz on a screen larger than 27" without going T.V. size.

    I just don't see myself going VA panel again, especially on a screen that's larger than my field of vision by default. But Acer's first 4K panels were VA before they started producing comparable IPS products, so maybe just need to wait a little longer.
  • cfbcfb
    Well, was the price mentioned anywhere in the article. Plenty of pricing on other monitors on the first page. Didn't want to read 6 more long pages to find out.
  • fredg3
    Has anyone confirmed whether the subpixel layout is RGB or BGR?

    Has anyone used it for spreadsheets? Are all the characters clear?
  • Jennifer W
    Meh, I’ve been using an LG 43UD79-B for a couple years now.
    it’s kinda too big for gaming IMO, seriously... it’s HUGE
    it only cost $600...
    So yeah, just gonna stick with what I have.
  • Jennifer W
    cfbcfb said:
    Well, was the price mentioned anywhere in the article. Plenty of pricing on other monitors on the first page. Didn't want to read 6 more long pages to find out.
  • Bamda
    I will be getting one when it comes on sale. :)
  • Kridian
    I just can't bring myself to spend as much money as I would for an entire PC on a display like this.
    Absolutely absurd pricing. Those idiots.
  • maximiza
    if you get it make sure to download the display widget software. it is very nice . the default is in eco display mode. I really do not know what to do with the rgb led strips though.