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AMD Athlon 240GE and 220GE Review: Retaking the Low Ground

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iGPU - Far Cry Primal and Grand Theft Auto V

Far Cry Primal

The Ryzen 3 2200G impresses in this benchmark, while the Pentiums struggle under this AAA title's weight.

Dialing back the settings provides playable frame rates from AMD's Athlon processors, and a lack of uplift from overclocking tells us that we've run into a graphics-imposed bottleneck with the Vega 3 graphics. In comparison, though, Intel's processors deliver a laggy, stuttery experience.

Dropping down to 1280 x 720 puts the UHD Graphics 630-equipped Intel models in the playable range. But once again, the UHD graphics 610 on Pentium G5400 lags behind considerably. Meanwhile, the Athlons serve up a decent gaming experience.

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Paul Alcorn is the Deputy Managing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He writes news and reviews on CPUs, storage and enterprise hardware.