Antec Fusion 430 HTPC Case

The Details

So the case passed the first inspection during which time I learned another lesson : One of the more important features of the case is its three-chamber design. It provides structural strength so other components can be stacked on top. It also is supposed to help isolate the areas of the system where heat reduction is especially important.

As the motherboard is one of the most critical heat areas of a PC, Antec has isolated it and offers two 120 mm TriCool fans for cooling.

Also included are a 430-watt power supply and several features adapted for an HTPC case. Let us take a look at these components.

The Fans

The 120 mm fans

These fans provide great airflow, even on the low setting.

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Fan SettingRPMCFMdBAInput CurrentInput Power
LOW120039250.13 A1.6 W
MEDIUM160056280.2 A2.4 W
HIGH200079300.24 A (max)2.9 W

Table 1 : Antec TriCool Fans

There are two of these fans. They are placed to cool the motherboard area. At any setting other than low, you might find the fans a little too loud for an HTPC.