Antec Fusion 430 HTPC Case

Antec Creates The Fusion HTPC Case

Antec’s 900 and Sonata are largely responsible for the firm’s solid reputation in the PC case product category. The company creates products that are a very good value for the price. Now, it has set it’s eyes on creating an HTPC case for the masses : the Fusion 430.

Antec Fusion 430

The case comes in three versions : the Fusion 430, Fusion 430 V2 and Fusion Black 430. All three come in black. You can choose between a silver or black faceplate. Its color scheme should fit in with most home theater or A/V systems. For this review, I tested the Fusion 430.

There are slight differences between the units beside the color. The Fusion 430 has only a vacuum fluorescent display (VFD), while the Fusion 430 V2 has VFD and IR receiver, and the Fusion Black has an LCD display with IR receiver. None of the models come with a remote. When contacted, Antec indicated that an Antec IR receiver could not be added to the Fusion 430, so be selective when ordering to ensure you get the model that fits your needs.

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