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Quiet Gaming Cases, Part 1: Antec, Azza, And Cooler Master

Building With Antec's P280

The P280 includes a simplified installation guide, several zip ties, and a bag of assorted screws. Long shoulder screws are bundled in the screw pack, as are standoffs and even a few radiator screws.

We mention the long shoulder screws because they prevent over-tightening of 3.5” drives against silicon grommets. Those grommets (and their corresponding shoulder screws) aren't needed for the 2.5" mounting holes, since enthusiasts would typically use SSDs there.

External 5.25” drives simply slide into place by flexing a rocking latch mechanism until its pins engage the drive’s front screw holes. Pulling a tab flexes the latch further, disengaging the pins for easy drive removal.

Our most recent gaming enthusiast case comparison (The Final Five: Gaming Cases Between $80 And $120, Rounded-Up) called out several enclosures that didn’t properly support our slightly-oversized motherboard. But the P280 has no such problems, providing enough room for even larger platforms.

The P280 appears to be the perfect case for enthusiasts who prefer their computers to be seen, but not really noticed. Our tests will reveal whether the aesthetically-subtle chassis can achieve a low acoustic profile, too.

Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.