AOC PDS271 Porsche Design Monitor Review

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Viewing Angles, Uniformity, Response & Lag

Viewing Angles

The PDS271 has superb off-axis image quality. At 45°, there is virtually no color shift, and light falloff is around 30%. If we didn’t know better, we might think it’s using an AHVA panel part. From the top, the color shifts to red but detail looks good except for the darkest steps, which are more gray than black. Among LCD monitors, it doesn’t get much better.

Screen Uniformity

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There is no obvious glow or bleed in our PDS271 sample. There is, however, a slight center hotspot that spoils the score, sending it just above our 10% threshold. White field uniformity is a little better at 9.37%. These numbers are acceptable and perhaps better than expected given how thin the panel is. At a variation of 1.32dE, color tone is visibly perfect across the screen.

Pixel Response & Input Lag

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Gamers who want a bolder color presentation might consider the PDS271, but it is restricted by a 60Hz maximum refresh rate. The panel is as responsive as its competitors, so the deal breaker might come down to resolution. With no adaptive refresh (or DisplayPort for that matter) available, casual play is probably the limit for this display. The FHD Dell SE2717H runs at 75Hz and therefore takes the top spot in both tests.

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Christian Eberle
Contributing Editor

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  • Raven_BC
    It seems we are close to reaching the summit of stupidity. "Porsche design" - what to f...? Just to get higher price and destroy more environment or maybe there is a single reasonable reason to make such a crap? Almost all the electronics is just a crap today and they seem to be working on a more sophisticated crap. All the companies producing that stuff seem to compete is a shit production and who destroys the Nature quicker and on a bigger scale. Really? Are we that stupid, blind, deaf, etc? Turn off your tv and radio and turn on your critical thinking Guys. Enjoy Your Life :)
  • dscribner111
    You didn't just sit and read through an entire article of "crap", complain everything is crap, then chastise us for enjoying this crap, only to say turn off tv and radio to enjoy life?

    Ummm, ok?
  • 237841209
    It may look nice to some people, but I still don't see any reason to buy one.
  • Ieatbrains83
    Raven what are you even doing on toms hardware if you have such a problem with tech. The one. Cable idea is sharp but other than that who cares about another 1080 monitor it's not that cool.
  • tamalero
    The monitor seems pretty mediocre. Seems they put all the research and design. And backed it with zero substance and functionality compared to the competitors.
  • canadianvice
    I basically only want something that doesn't look like I pulled it out of a garbage dump. Porsche design, I guess, is just a bit too far beyond my uncultured plebian tastes.

    Or at least, not for the amount of extra money they're likely to ask for it.
  • AlistairAB
    The fact that the concluding page doesn't mention the word HDR is telling. DCI without HDR and 10 bit support isn't worth it.
  • mrmez
    I stopped reading at 1920x1080.
    Think I'll stick with my 5K 27" from 2014 for now.
  • reghir
    Amazon must have read the review now price down to $189.31 :)
  • Flying-Q
    I saw 'Porsche' and thought this might be good, then I read 1920x1080 and 6bit and was immediately turned off. I have a couple of clients who would lap this thing up, except I would never let them know it existed. I hope they never find out.

    My first thought on seeing the rear view was 'that will sag eventually due to the off centre mounting point.' I like the single cable design, though if you turn the power brick sideways in the natural 'behind-the-stand' orientation the AOC logo will be upside down to the user. It will, however be the right way around to the user's client in a sales room, and all of the rear is clean enough for that environment. I still won't tell my clients that it exists though.