ATI Rage Fury MAXX Review

Benchmark Results - 3DMark 2000 3DMarks

I am so very close to yanking our only synthetic benchmark from future reviews because every hardware company has issues with this benchmark. I get answers that make no sense at certain times and when I check into the issues with the various hardware companies, they all blame the benchmark. I have graphics companies telling me one thing then another company another but things still aren't clear as to what's really going on. I can compare the results I see in this benchmark to real world tests and they make no sense still. I would love to tell you the real story here but I don't think these hardware companies would appreciate it. I feel like a parent that has to take away a marketing tool, I mean benchmark, because no one is playing fair. I've decided to show the results but next time around I may not.

Clearly the GeForce cards are dominating the game benchmarks in 3DMark. At 16-bit color this isn't surprising but the margin at which the GeForce cards ahead, is. I'm sure things will change when we peek at the 32-bit colors next.

Turning up the heat on our video cards by flipping the 32-bit texture setting and higher 24-bit Z-buffer has changes things quiet a bit. You'll notice that the Viper II took a huge hit as did the SDR GeForce. The DDR GeForce however remained fair unscathed.