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Memory Overclocking on Z390 Coffee Lake: What RAM Speed Do You Need?

Office and Productivity

Adobe Creative Cloud

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Overall, the DDR4-3200 C14 configuration offers the best performance in our Adobe Creative Cloud test suite. With an aggregate Adobe score of 6,740 points, DDR4-3200 was up to 15.65 percent faster than JEDEC's DDR4-2133 standard. 

Web Browser

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Our web browser benchmarks yielded mixed results. DDR4-3600 C15 provided the best performance in the MotionMark 1.1 Browser test with a 7.73 percent improvement over the baseline DDR4-2133. On the other hand, DDR4-4200 C19 and DDR4-3600 C15 offered the best performance in WebXPRT 3 and Kraken, respectively. However, both were are less than 3 percent faster than the slowest configuration, so gains are slight.


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The DDR4-2800 C14 configuration came out on top in the video conferencing tests and performed roughly 4.45 percent faster than DDR4-2133. According to the test results, higher memory speeds don't have a significant impact in some scenarios, such as photo editing and application start-up: The difference between the fastest and slowest configuration was less than 2 percent and 3 percent, respectively. 

For spreadsheet work, memory speeds above DDR4-2666 actually performed worse. Curiously, DDR4-3000 delivered up to a 5.51 percent performance increase over DDR4-2133, while the other configurations showed less than 1 percent improvement.

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