Chroma Keying for the Masses: Serious Magic Ultra


We have made two short videos with Ultra. Both feature Suzy Patz from Serious Magic. The first video shows off the input cropping and B-Source video capabilities of Ultra. The second demonstrates chroma keying around a wedding veil. You will notice that the veil was keyed pretty well and was semi-transparent, just as you would expect in real life.

There are two versions for each video. The raw version shows the actual video as it was taped. The final version shows the render with the chroma key applied. The chroma key took less than one minute (not including rendering) to set up.

  Raw Version Final Version
Walk-In Video
10 Seconds 1 MB
10 Seconds 700 kB
Wedding Video
10 Second 1.13 MB
10 Seconds 1.15 MB


Ultra is easy and fast. Once you get used to the interface, it will probably take you less than one minute to move from start to render. The results are amazing, and you will get close to what the major studios are producing.

Ultra easily handles shadows and transparent objects. Complete control over color and cropping gives the user every tool to produce the perfect video. The included library of backgrounds and Virtual Sets are high in quality, and let the consumer dive right into making a quality movie. There is no other program anywhere near Ultra's price point that will produce chroma keys of equivalent quality in so little time.

For all these reasons, we award Serious Magic Ultra our Tom's Hardware Guide "Must Have" Award.

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