Coolermaster Hyper 6

Big Copper Cooling Tower

One kilogram and 121 millimeters high: the Coolermaster Hyper 6

Coolermaster, well-known for its CPU coolers, has presented what must be the heaviest CPU cooler around. The Hyper 6 weighs exactly one kilogram, thus beating all air coolers that have appeared in our lab thus far. That's no real surprise, since the gigantic cooler, standing 121 mm, is made almost exclusively of copper. Only the air duct is aluminum. It is clear that a weight of this order will require special mounting. So Coolermaster provides a special retention module including backplane (a metal board mounting on the back of the motherboard) for Sockets 478 and 754. The cooler is not suitable for the Athlon XP.

Coolermaster has put a total of six heatpipes on its Hyper 6 to conduct heat from the CPU. Heat is absorbed by 27 copper plates that transfer it in turn to the ambient air.

The cooler's heatpipes

The special thing about the Hyper 6 is it can be operated passively as well. All the same, the 80 mm cooler supplied should be installed. It has its own fan controller; a potentiometer regulates the fan speed. It can be mounted either on a card slot or the aperture for 3.5" internal devices.

The components: Cooler, retention module, slot and drive panels for cooler control