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DDR333 for P4: 16 Boards with Intel 845G - Part I

MSI MS-6580 (845G Max): Bluetooth Included, Low Price

Colorful packaging for the MSI MS-6580 (845G Max).

Red PCB with the MSI MS-6580 (845G Max).

Among the Taiwanese manufacturers, MSI is one of the successful companies who make life difficult for the current market leaders. In their motherboards, MSI attracts with its huge product portfolio and richness of features. The 845G Max in this test was not as full-featured. The only thing included in the package was a slot bracket that had two USB ports as well as four status LEDs (Port 80 functionality). The loyal MSI customer will notice that a RAID controller and other accessories are lacking.

Accessories included with the MSI MS-6580.

Bluetooth kit included.

Overclocking software for greenhorns: real freaks don't need this!

Noteworthy is the "Fuzzy Logic 4" software, a tool that lets you make the following settings while Windows is running: the CPU core and AGP voltage can be adjusted; in addition, the clock multiplier and FSB clock can be varied. However, you can only change the clock multiplier with processors that are not "protected," so this function is not really practical. MSI is not top notch in terms of performance: except for the SPECviewperf benchmark scores, where the board positions itself far ahead of the pack, it lands midfield. Its reasonable price of about $125 is a good argument for buying the board, but the Gigabyte GA-IGXP has the advantage here, since it offers more features and somewhat more power for the same price.

Bluetooth antenna and receiver for the MSI MS-6580.

Bluetooth card.