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DDR333 for P4: 16 Boards with Intel 845G - Part I

Features Table

ModelEP-4G4A+AX4G ProGA-8IGXPD845 GBV4D845G
CPU Clock (2533.33 MHz)2545.91 MHz (+0.5%)2546.65 MHz (+0.53%)2545.56 MHz (+0.49%)2533.25 MHz (0.0%)2532.61 MHz (-0.025%)
FSB Clock (133.33 MHz)134.00 MHz (+0.5%)134.03 MHz (+0.53%)133.98 MHz (+0.49%)133.33 (0.0%)133.30 MHz (-0.025%)
NorthbridgeIntel 845G (82845G)Intel 845G (82845G)Intel 845G (82845G)Intel 845G (82845G)Intel 845G (82845G)
SouthbridgeICH 4 (FW82801DB)ICH 4 (FW82801DB)ICH 4 (FW82801DB)ICH 4 (FW82801DB)ICH 4 (FW82801DB)
Northbridge Fannonononono
Max. Memory2048 MB2048 MB2048 MB2048 MB2048 MB
Standard Components
Dimensions (L x W)30.5 cm x 24.5 com30.5 cm x 22.0 cm30.5 cm x 24.5 cm30.5 cm x 21.0 cm30.5 cm x 23.0 cm
PCI Slots66666
ACR / AMR / CNRno/no/yesno/no/yesno/no/yesno/no/yesno/no/no
USB 2.0 external/internal4/22/22/44/22/2
Fan Headers33332
Additional Components
Piezo Speaker (on Board)noyesnoyesyes
Wake on LAN (WOL)yesyesyesyesyes
Wake on Modem (WOM)yesyesyesyesyes
Sensor (open case)nonononono
Temp. Sensoryesyesyesyesyes
Network10/100 MbitReal RTL8100B10/100 MbitReal RTL8100BL10/100 Mbitnono
Drive Interface
Standard (IDE)Channels/Interface4/ATA1004/ATA1004/ATA1004/ATA1004/ATA100
Additional (IDE)ControllerHighPoint 372noPromisenono
SCSI Ports (68/50pin)nonononono
on Board Sound
ManufacturerReal ALC650Real ALC650Creative CT5880-DEQAD1981AALC101
Ports external/internal3/23/23/23/23/3
Line, External (out/in/mic)1/1/11/1/11/1/11/1/11/1/1
Line, Internal (in/out/cd)1/0/11/0/11/0/11/0/11/0/2
Setting Options
Setting MethodBios/JumperBiosBiosBiosBios
Multiplier/Increments (x)AutoAutoAutoAutoAuto
FSB - Frequency/Increments (MHz)100 - 133 - 200100 - 133 - 248 / 1100 - 133 - 355 / 1AutoAuto
Voltage (in Volt)CPU - Range/Increments (Core)1.400 - 1.850 / 0.0251.100 - 1.850 / 0.0251.100 - 1.850 / 0.025nono
Memory - Range/Increments2.50 - 3.20 / 0.1no2.50 - 2.80 / 0.1nono
Chipset - Range/Increments (I/O)nonononono
AGP - Range/Increments1.50 - 1.90 / 0.1no1.50 - 1.80 / 0.1nono
Detailed Info
VersionunknownR1.01dF2c MRG84510A.86A.0009.P040.5
Board Revisionunknownunknown1.1unknown1.0
clock ControllerReal RT660-109RICS 950218AFICS 950211AFCYP 605827ICS 950201AF
Additional Tests
USB Keyboard in BIOSyesyesyesyesyes
GeForce 4 Compatibility TestOKOKOKOKOK
Bios boot (ca.)3 sec2 sec2 sec2 sec2 sec
DDR333 Supportyesyesyesnoyes
Additional Info
Model VariationsAccessoriesUser Manualyes1 x User Manual1 x Driver CD1 x UDMA 100 Cable1 x UDMA 33 Cable1 x Floppy Cable1 x Board Bracket1 x 1 Com- 1 GamePortSlot Bracket1 x User Manual (HighPoint)1 x Info Blatt (Settings)1 x Driver Disk (HighPoint)yes1 x User Manual1 x Driver CD1 x UDMA 100 Cable1 x UDMA 33 Cable1 x Floppy Cable1 x 2 USB Port Slot Bracket1 x Info Sheet (Easy Intall)1 x Board Bracketyes1 x User Manual1 x Driver CD1 x 3 1394 Port Slot1 x 3 USB2.0 Port Slot1 x Board Bracket1 x 2 Port SPDIF Out Bracket1 x SPDIF Cable1 x Floppy Cableyes1 x User Manual1 x Driver CD1 x Board Bracket1 x UDMA 100 Cable1 x Floppy Cableyes1 x User Manual1 x Driver CD1 x Smart Panel II1 x Bios Motherboard4 x Screws1 x UDMA 100 Cable1 x Floppy Cable
1 x Patition Magic 6.01 x Drive Image 4.01 x Norton Anti Virus 2002