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DDR333 for P4: 16 Boards with Intel 845G - Part I

DDR333 Beats RDRAM: Intel 845G With Top Performance

Northbridge of the Intel 845G chipset.

Southbridge of the Intel 845G chipset, with USB 2.0 function.

Compared to the chipsets 845, 845D and 845E, all of which by no means offer high performance, the 845G has what it takes to become a star. With an improved memory interface compared to all its predecessors in the 845 series, our tests show that the top contenders just manage to outperform 850E boards with Rambus PC800. Using optimal configuration settings, the 845G chipset, in combination with DDR333 (CL2), positions itself between the Intel 850E with PC800 memory (RDRAM, 400 MHz) and PC1066 memory (RDRAM, 533 MHz). Only PC1200 memory (RDRAM, 600 MHz) remains out of reach.