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Deepcool Gamer Storm Captain 240 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Deepcool’s Gamer Storm brings us a dual-120mm liquid cooler with enhanced style and reduced price, but can it still deliver the performance?

Our Verdict

Powerful enough to cool our Core i7-5930K at 4.20 GHz, the Captain 240 moves Deepcool squarely into the mid-budget performance-enthusiast market, where cost-conscious modders and overclockers play.


  • The Captain 240 closed-loop CPU cooler provides good looks and good cooling at a moderate price.


  • Good cooling comes at the expense of high noise levels, reducing the Captain 240’s overall value standing.


Gamer Storm should be synonymous with Deep Cool by now, as the company lists products from both its enthusiast and commercial builder business on the same web page. Growing out from oversized air to “AIO Cooling” where “all in one” refers to closed loops, Gamer Storm represents its latest generation in liquid cooling. The best news for enthusiasts might be that Deepcool is bucking the trend of $140 coolers, with its Captain 240 now selling for $110.

The big question is whether that 20 percent lower price will cost Captain 240 buyers anything in performance. It may simply be true that some of Deepcool’s competitors are over-charging. Or, Deepcool might have a more-efficient supply stream. Or, its competitors might be spending all that extra money on marketing. We’d certainly like to know, so we’re putting the Gamer Storm on an overclocked Haswell-E system to find out.