DeepCool Gamer Storm Fryzen TR4 Cooler Review: Better for Budget Builds

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While the DeepCool Gamer Storm Fryzen TR4 may very well be an excellent AMD Ryzen all-rounder cooler with a handsome façade and RGB lighting accents, it doesn’t quite keep up with other dedicated Threadripper cooling solutions when it comes to taming our fire-breathing 2990WX running at 3.40Ghz and 1.20v.


  • +

    Decent price for Threadripper compatibility

  • +

    Unique cooler design and RGB lighting

  • +

    Fits nearly all AMD CPUs


  • -

    Thermal performance is lacking for overclocked high-end desktop (HEDT) Threadrippers

  • -

    Noisy fan at full speed

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Features and Specifications

AMD’s current flagship processor, the beastly 32-core, 64-thread Ryzen Threadripper 2900WX, is a powerhouse of a CPU that devours workload threads and gobs of electricity to produce high-end computational results and enough thermal energy to keep a small apartment cozy in even the coldest of winters. Taming the temperature thresholds of this monster CPU is a vast undertaking, especially once you begin to dial up voltage to overclock all 32 cores tucked away beneath.

DeepCool ships the Gamer Storm Fryzen with a lot of AMD love – enough that it supports just about every chip and socket sold in recent years by the Red team, including the XL Threadripper line. Along with nickel-plated mounting hardware and machine screws, you get a molded backplate, addressable RGB (aRGB) extension/adapter cables and a handy spanner wrench. An included syringe of thermal compound allows for immediate installation, just for good measure.

DeepCool Gamer Storm Fryzen TR4 Specifications

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Height6.5 inches / 165.1mm
Width4.93 inches / 125.2mm
Depth3.25 inches / 82.25mm
Base Height1.9 inches / 48.26mm
Assy. Offset0.0 inches (centered)
Cooling Fans1x 120 x 25mm
Connectors1x 4-pin PWM1x 3-pin aRGB
Weight41.87 ounces / 1,187g
Intel SocketsN/A
AMD SocketsTR4, AM4, AM3+, AM3, AM3+, AM2, FM2, FM2+, FM1
Warranty1+ years
Price (MSRP)$77 / £58

The cooling fan on the Fryzen is integrated into the plastic shroud covering the cooling tower and drafts laterally through the fin stack in traditional heatpipe cooler practice. The six nickel-plated heatpipes run top to bottom through the entirety of the cooling fin stack, while the base of the cooler secures them between the IHS contact mounting block and the fixed hardware (above). The heatpipes are directly aligned—not offset—front to back, and each leg aligns with that of its counterpart.

With the cooling fan mounted to the front of the cooler as a semi-permanent fixture, the front heatpipes arch further inwards and provide offset to allow the cooler a more neutral and overall centered stance. The cross-beam mounting plate and tension screws are affixed to the mounting base to assist with cooler installation.

The nickel-plated base of the Gamer Storm Fryzen is polished mirror-smooth and is large enough to blanket the entire face of AMD’s massive Threadripper processors. The guide lanes on each side of the cooler allow access for long screwdrivers to reach the spring-tensioned machine screw heads on the retention bar.

A tall, centered stance and narrow profile provides the Gamer Storm Fryzen the ability to sit well above surrounding hardware and the DIMM slots for memory with little interference. The height clearance allowed by the mounting hardware combined with the swept-back, centered design of the cooler provides enough room to work with ease while installing the Fryzen.

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