Digital Video Editing: The Matrox RT2500

Sound And DVD Authoring

There are two more applications that Matrox included in the RT2500 package - Sonic Foundry Acid and DVDit!

This program is used to create songs and jingles that you can use when editing videos.

Matrox also includes the Sonic DVDit! 2.3 LE, which is used to create DVDs. You can set up a professional-looking start menu, just like the ones you know from classic DVDs. Since DVD burners are very pricey at the moment and the majority of consumer-grade DVD devices can't read the DVD-R formats anyway, you are left with no other option but to record to a CD-R. Since only a few minutes of an MPEG-2 movie fit on a CDROM, elaborate start menus are a serious waste of space.

This situation might change. DVD burners have gotten cheaper over the last couple of months. With DVDit! you are at least prepared for the future.

Uwe Scheffel