Digital Video Editing: The Matrox RT2500

Export Formats For Finished Video Productions

Projects that have been fully edited generally have to be converted into a format that can be interpreted by applications on other PC systems.

The limits of the RT2500 video editing solution suddenly become painfully clear. A closer interpretation of the advertising slogan "Realtime Editing " reveals that only the video editing is done in realtime.

Converting from and into other video formats continues to be a very time-consuming affair! The only way to save you from the bother of converting is to work with the capacity-gobbling DV format. Your computer's CPU carries out the conversion, and again, the long wait can really wear on your nerves. So, the best bet is to start out with a powerful processor such as the Athlon (1 GHz and up) or the Pentium 4 - time is money.

This menu shows the export functions of Adobe Premiere and the plug-ins.

Uwe Scheffel