Digital Video Editing: The Matrox RT2500

Ligos MPEG-2 Encoder

MPEG-2 comes in all kinds of flavors, as Matrox demonstrates so clearly. The MPEG-2 format Matrox uses can only be played back using a special Matrox player on the very same system. Although special codecs are included with the package, the actual recipients of the video materials have no access to them. So you have no choice but to convert the Matrox MPEG format into a universal MPEG-2 format that can then be played on any DVD/MPEG-2 player. Ligos also provides export formats such as VideoCD (VCD) and Super Video CD (SVCD).

You can select the universal MPEG-2 format in this menu.

You can set the relevant options as well.

Uwe Scheffel