Dual DDR For Pentium 4: Intel E7205 Chipset Put To The Test

Piggybacked: ICH4 Southbridge

Southbridge ICH4, also known as FW82801DB

The ICH4 supports ATA/ 100 for hard drives. Theoretically, that equals a maximum possible transfer rate of 100 MByte/second. Bandwidths of up to 480 Mbit/second are possible with USB2.0. The controller is also backwards-compatible with USB 1.1, which allows a bandwidth of only 12 Mbit/second. USB uses it primarily for data transfer to scanners, printers and digital cameras.

Driver Support In Windows

Operating systems such as Windows XP require a driver in order to take advantage of all of the functions of the E7XXX chipset.

Logging E7xxx chipset in to Windows Control Panel.

The new Intel chip is only displayed correctly when a special version of WCPUID is used. The official release on the www.h-oda.com website is due in short order.

Uwe Scheffel