Overclocking: Dual- vs. Quad-Core CPUs

Overclocking III - Dual-Core E6750 At 3.40 GHz

In order to get the E6750, which runs at a default clock speed of 2.66 GHz, to operate stably at 3.40 GHz, we had to increase the core voltage. We achieved this by increasing the voltage by a mere 0.0125 Volts, which resulted in the processor completing our Prime95 tests without error on an FSB of 425 MHz (1700 QDR).

The E6750 is now overclocked by 27.8%.

In this configuration, the memory was set to 425 MHz, which corresponds to DDR2-850. The memory multiplier remains at 2.00x.

The memory runs fine at DDR2-850

We tested the processor's stability using Prime95. Even at 3.4 GHz, our sample ran stably and flawlessly.

Stable in Prime95 at 3.40 GHz

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Core 2 Duo E6750 @3.40 GHz
CPU Frequency3.40 GHz (+27.8%)
FSB425 MHz (1700 QDR)
Core Voltage1.3625
Memory Multiplier2.00x
Memory FrequencyDDR2-850 (425 MHz)
Memory LatencyCL 4.0-4-4-12
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