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Cooler - Zalman's CNPS9700LED Is Ideal

Sometimes, we get the feeling that there are more coolers on the market than stars in the night sky. That doesn't exactly make it easy for the normal buyer to make an informed choice. Based on our experience, we recommend the Zalman CNPS9700 LED, a cooler we have been using for over a year for all of our motherboard and processor tests.

Zalman CNPS9700LED

Installing this cooler is a quick and easy process. Also, and more importantly, its cooling performance is excellent. With the fan set to medium speed using the included fan regulator, the cooler is very quiet. Thanks to its large size and its design, its airflow can also be used to cool the Northbridge. We also appreciate that this cooler is compatible with all sockets currently in use. Zalman even bundles a little bottle of thermal grease and an application brush with the CNPS9700 LED.

Mounting equipment

Fan speed regulator

This model was also our cooler of choice for the temperature and heat dissipation measurements.

Thermal grease

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