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Highlights Of The Gigabyte Board - More Features

A look at the Gigabyte board

The Gigabyte board from the other side

Like MSI's board, Gigabyte's model comes with a BIOS resetting feature. However, instead of a button, Gigabyte simply gives the user two pins. Close the contact between them using a screwdriver or a jumper, and the BIOS is reset. However, unlike MSI's solution, using this feature resets all BIOS settings except date and time.

Northbridge cooler

Southbridge cooler

Although Gigabyte's board doesn't boast a heatpipe, it does sport a very large Northbridge heatsink. Gigabyte chose a 6-phase power design - MSI uses a 4-phase design.


Sound chip

The board features Realtek's new ALC889a sound chip. Unlike MSI's board, the Gigabyte provides an optical and a coaxial digital output.

The ATX connector bracket.

eSATA equipment

Gigabyte's bundle consists of an ATX shield, which is color-coded and clearly marked, as well as an eSATA connector set, allowing the user to attach a normal SATA drive externally. An appropriate external power connector extension cord and shield are also included.

Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 BIOS - click to launch slide show

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