Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout begins with Liquid XS from All American Computers

Look And Feel

Kyle has been cooking up his acrylic case designs for several years now. The Liquid XS is his latest creation. He wanted a case that was not only beautiful to look at, but completely functional to meet the demands of their various clienteles.

Even the back slot covers are custom cut to keep the whole appearance the same.

The case is available in several colors. The ATI case from E3 and Computex was red with a clear side panel. The system in our lab was clear with a slight blue color. With the lights out and the system on, the UV reactive acrylic radiated with an amazing glow.

Homer Simpson nuclear power plant green and other colors available

The 120mm LED fans in combination with cold cathode UV light bars and the UV reactive Homer Simpson nuclear power plant green coolant made for quite the spectacle. All of the colors can be changed into almost any configuration the customer desires. If that means they want red LEDs, green cold cathodes, brown coolant and a blue motherboard...as awfully wretched looking of a system that may be, but if that is what they want, that is exactly how AAC will build it.