Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout begins with Liquid XS from All American Computers

Look And Feel, Continued

There are many components like the motherboard's voltage regulators, the chipset, the memory and the hard drives that must be kept cool too. They are designed to be cooled in a traditional air environment and need that flow to remain in operating perimeters. AAC has this taken care of, or I would hope so with four 120 mm fans.

Cooling is split since the case is divided into two main compartments. Below an acrylic divider is where most of the system's heat is contained and evacuated out of the case. This section houses the reservoir, power supply, a Danger Den Black Ice Extreme radiator and the Danger Den DD12V-D5 pump. All of the hoses attached up above run back here to get cooled off.

The top houses core components such as the motherboard, hard drives, CPU, memory, graphics and other add-in cards. Two 120 mm fans move air through the main compartment. One fan draws air into the case from the front and the rear fan is attached to a second radiator to make sure the excess heat from the two 7800 GTX cards is removed.

Fans and more fans but not too much noise.