Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout begins with Liquid XS from All American Computers

Operating Specifications

We decided to start including the BIOS configurations as well. If you want to see what makes these systems purr, here are the settings.

System Settings
CPU Multiplyer 11.0
HT/FSB/CPU Frequency 250 MHz
CPU Voltage 1.550V
DDR Voltage 2.70V
Chipset Voltage 1.50V
LDT Multiplyer ---
LDT Voltage 1.20V
HT Voltage ---
PCI Clock Synchronization Mode N/A
PCIe Clock 100 MHz
Graphics Clocks
GPU Core Clock 430 MHz
GPU RAM Clock 1.20 GHz
Memory Timings
Memclock Effective Frequency 500 MHz
Tcl CAS Latency 2.5
Tras RAS Active Time 7T
Trcd RAS to CAS Delay 3T
Trp Row Precharge Time 3T
Trc Row Cycle Time 17T
Trfc Row Refresh Time Auto
Trwt Read-to-Write Time Auto
Twr Write Recovery Time Auto
Twtr Write to Read Delay Auto
Twcl Write CAS Latency Auto
Trrd Row to Row Delay Auto
Tref Refresh Time Auto
CMD Command Timing / Memory Timing Auto

AWP - Accessories, Warranty, & Price


When you are about to spend thousands of dollars on a new system, we would hope that you have higher expectations than just a case with the best parts money can buy. All American does not add much to gouge your wallet and pad theirs. What we mean is some builders will add little items that raise the cost of the overall system but are not crucial for every user.

Most companies may not think as much about the box your computer ships in as AAC does. AAC uses a Benson Box design to safely ship your computer anywhere. From the Benson Box Website: "Most customers experience between 60 and 120 shipping cycles for a Benson Box." AAC ships all computers in one of these boxes, while the box costs $250 extra if you wish to keep it for your own purposes. If you do not wish to keep the box, AAC will refund the customer $250 once AAC gets their box back.

They are serious about getting your system there in one piece.

A mouse and keyboard were included with our test system: a Logitech Black Internet Keyboard and a Logitech MX518 optical mouse. These accessories had their own pre-cut section in the Benson Box.

AAC included samples of Novus Plastic Polish number 1, 2 and 3: Clean & Shine, Fine Scratch Remover, and Heavy Scratch Remover - just in case you put a scratch in that beautiful acrylic case.

Three stage scratch remover
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