Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout begins with Liquid XS from All American Computers


When calling AAC for service inquiries, hold time to speak to a representative was nearly non-existent. The phone barely got through the first ring before a friendly and knowledgeable kid in Indiana at the other end of the line picked up.

AAC offers a full one-year parts and three-year labor warranty. However, if after the parts warranty expires and a component with more than a one-year warranty covered by the manufacturer breaks, AAC will help you get the new part and install it. Even more, their three-year labor warranty covers upgrades to your system.

When we asked about who paid for shipping the system back to AAC and then back to us in the event of a breakdown, our telephone representative did not know for sure and asked us to wait while he checked with his manager. After returning to the line, we were told that AAC would only pay to ship the system back to us after all repairs were made - we would have to pay to ship the system to AAC for repair. This practice seems pretty common in the industry.


The system from All American Computers cost $4321.49 without shipping (30 Aug. 2005 price). Not bad considering you are buying strictly high-end components, a custom acrylic case, entirely custom cut cables and one slick looking and performing system.

In the event that you did not buy the shipping box from AAC, and you need to send your computer back for service, AAC will pay for the shipping of the empty box to and from your location.