Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout begins with Liquid XS from All American Computers

Candidates And Criteria

The last time we searched for water-cooled dual graphics processor systems to see who had what systems available for sale. Now there are many air and liquid-cooled systems available on the market today. We only had time for six for this series.

With similar settings, the systems in the lab should have results from benchmarking relatively close to one another. If a particular system lags behind the others severely, it is either because that builder is using inferior or defective components, or worse, they don't know how to configure the components properly. And of course, beyond performance benchmarks, there are issues like warranties, assembly time, packaging, delivery, customer service, price and a host of other decisions you need to make when purchasing a high-priced and high-performance system. We will discuss each of these factors, and more.

Several months ago we started this new venture by covering the peak performance in SLI systems. Last week, we ran an introductory article with observations from some of the systems we have been receiving for review. We thought that two systems stood out from the crowd, the Puget system and the Liquid XS from All American Computers. So does the Liquid XS have what it takes?