Final Fantasy XV: Performance Analysis With 10 GPUs

CPU, RAM & VRAM Resources

Processor Utilization

The developer recommends at least a quad-core processor for an optimal experience in Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition. Our Ryzen 5 1600X should be plenty powerful.

We're treated to a wonderful surprise in that the Luminous Studio engine appears optimized for multi-threading. In fact, all of our Ryzen CPU's physical and logical cores are being used, with none of them overburdened. Two cores seem more heavily utilized than the others, but their activity remains reasonable with respect to the other cores.

Despite what look like similar frame rates, we do note that the GeForce card shows evidence of higher CPU utilization than the Radeon-based configuration.

System and Video Memory Utilization

The memory use measurements yield expected results: nothing really changes, regardless of whether you have an AMD or Nvidia card installed. With nearly 7GB tied up, Square Enix's 8GB minimum specification makes sense. Like the developer, we also recommend stepping up to 16GB if your budget allows.

As far as graphics memory goes, more of the Radeon RX 580's GDDR5 is used than the GeForce GTX 1060's. Neither card hits its limit, though.

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Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition