Full Review NVIDIA's new GeForce256 'GPU'

The Benchmark Results - Shogo

Although not a particularly commonly found game, Shogo is also using multi-texturing and a few light effects. The game is not particularly complex in terms of polygons used, neither in terms of lighting, but we still decided to keep it in our benchmark suite for the time being.

We've seen similar scores at 640x480 before; GeForce is certainly not for 'low resolution gamers'.

Things change at 1024x768; GeForce can show its fill rate power once again.

The scores at 1600x1200 don't surprise, GeForce scores about double of the competition.

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GeForce had a bit of a problem with Shogo, explosions close to the player created a rather odd picture. I guess NVIDIA should have a look into that and fix the driver a bit.