Full Review NVIDIA's new GeForce256 'GPU'

The Benchmark Results - Descent III 1600x1200

At 1600x1200 GeForce shows its fill rate advantage again, but please note the G400 MAX! Matrox seems to have a better memory design than GeForce. Although G400 can't touch GeForce in terms of fill rate, its memory bandwidth lets it get very close to the (castrated?) GeForce w/SDR-RAM. This high resolution clearly shows the advantage of the DDR-GeForce, which won't be available in the shops for quite a while unfortunately.

The plot thickens under OpenGL, GeForce w/DDR is some considerable 41% faster than GeForce w/SDR. This is enough to decide between playable or unplayable at this resolution and API.

Now Glide can't help Voodoo3 anymore, GeForce's sheer fill rate power puts it way ahead of the competition.