The Game Pros: SLI Motherboards For Athlon 64

Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe, Continued

Asus is also customarily generous when it comes to the BIOS and its overclocking possibilities. Higher power levels can be set for all system components, including RAM and the CPU. A system clock rate up to 400 MHz can be chosen; in a short test we were able to steadily power at 270 MHz upon choosing a slightly lower multiplier (by reducing the HT multiplier). Presumably more would be possible by increasing the chipset voltage, but Asus does not allow this.

You can overclock either through the BIOS or via the Asus software AiBooster. However, Asus also includes nTune, which comes from the chipset manufacturer. This service program enables maximum overclocking settings to be determined automatically.