The Game Pros: SLI Motherboards For Athlon 64


Board-Revision :

BIOS-Version : 10.03.2005

The Taiwanese manufacturer DFI is one of the few companies able to avoid the price war between large suppliers by filling a niche market.

The product name clues you in to what we’re talking about here. The SLI mode is activated by closing six jumper blocks ; the manufacturer includes special pliers to change these more easily. Nonetheless, as Asus and MSI have already demonstrated, toggling in software is possible too.

As sorry as we are to say it, the solutions based on plug-in modules from other manufacturers are clearly more practical. To make up for this, the LANParty NF4 SLI-DR comes along with a special feature : It is the only board in the test to offer a x4 PCIe slot. More or less standard is an additional SATA-II controller (Sil3114 with four ports) ; and dual Gigabit Ethernet is also provided.

In the beginning, the board did not run correctly with our Corsair memory and the installed beta BIOS version - Windows just didn’t want to boot. So we first had to switch to OCZ modules and load the most up-to-date BIOS version from March 10th, 2005. Then even the Corsair memory worked as desired.

Memtest is integrated into the BIOS ; the application launches right after the BIOS and serves as an in-depth function test for the RAM. Furthermore, we also found the "Dual 6600 GT Card Support" option in the BIOS. With it we were then able to power Gigabyte’s 3D1 card on this board.