The Game Pros: SLI Motherboards For Athlon 64

Bottom Line: DFI For Gamers

Since the nForce4 chipsets have now been available on the market for a few months, the four test candidates were free of problems. Only the DFI board with a beta BIOS version still had trouble with Corsair memory ; these issues have been eliminated now, however.

All four manufacturers attempt to specialize their products. With the A8N-SLI Deluxe, Asus fields the solid all-rounder that aims to appeal to the most users possible with its numerous features and bonuses. Epox’ 9NPA+ SLI goes for the price-conscious enthusiast and offers sensible equipment at an attractive price. And with the K8NXP-SLI, Gigabyte caters to the pampered user who is out for the maximum when it comes to equipment.

In the end, the SLI platform from NVIDIA represents the optimum when it comes to 3D games, because the option of working with two graphics cards is enticing, to say the least. It is with exactly the gaming clientele that DFI can make its mark, because its board includes the equipment that the aspiring gamer needs, without making any compromises in terms of available features. Most importantly, the LANParty NF4 LSI-DR proves to be a master at overclocking, thanks to its high-quality components.