The Game Pros: SLI Motherboards For Athlon 64


DFI appears to have developed the board with a focus on good overclockability, because we were able to easily overshoot the 270 MHz that we achieved with the A8N-SLI from Asus. A whopping 310 MHz was feasible here; more would likely have been possible with a bit of fine-tuning.

The basis for hitting this speed was the large number of overclocking options that culminate in possible memory and CPU voltages of a maximum of 4.0 and 2.1 volts. Of course, caution is advised when changing these values.

The presence of reset and on/off switches directly on the motherboard really appealed to us, as did the component package that speaks directly to those who enjoy extensive gaming sessions. The FrontX module houses interfaces like SATA and audio on the front of the case, and the belt-carrying system PCTranspo makes transporting the computer to friends' houses or to the next LAN party an easy endeavor.