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The GeForce GTX 770 Review: Calling In A Hit On Radeon HD 7970?

Palit GTX 770 OC Jetstream

Weighing in at 854 grams (30.12 ounces), this card is a lightweight compared to its competition.

Technical Specifications And Dimensions
GPU Clock1,150 MHz
Boost (according to BIOS)1,202 MHz
Actual Boost Under Load1,241.2 MHz
Height132 mm / 5.2 inches
Length294 mm / 11.57 inches
Width (Cooler Side)49 mm / 1.93 inches (<= dual slot)
Width (PCB side)4 mm / 0.16 inches (no back plate)
max. Weight854 g
Fans1 x 92 mm, 2 x 80 mm
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The cooler shroud is made entirely of plastic, which contributes to the cards lower weight. Two metal decals suggest higher-quality materials, though. The fan design carries over from previous Jetstream cards. A big 92 mm fan sits in the middle, flanked by two 80 mm blowers that are bigger than any on the Gigabyte card.

Palit equips the Jetstream with one eight- and one six-pin power connector. The gap between the two indicates the company may originally have had other plans.

Two 8 mm and three 6 mm nickel-plated pipes made of sintered material draw heat away from the GPU and into the bifid sink. RAM and VRMs receive their own cooling courtesy of a massive frame that gets sufficient air flow and helps stabilize the PCB.

Palit‘s GTX 770 OC Jetstream also carries the same complement of connectors as Nvidia’s reference card.

Chris Angelini
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