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Gigabyte G34WQC Review: High-Contrast, Immersive Ultrawide

A high bar for ultrawide gaming monitors

Gigabyte G34WQC
(Image: © Gigabyte)

We’ve been touting the gaming benefits of ultrawide monitors for quite a while but always had to include the price caveat. When they first appeared, a decent 21:9 screen sold for around $1,000, and even a few years later, you were  looking at $600-$800 for a high-speed, 34inch ultrawide with fast refresh and Adaptive-Sync.

Gigabyte has set a new standard for the performance/price ratio. At just $400, the G34WQC undercuts much of its competition while sacrificing almost nothing. 

Gigabyte G34WQC

(Image credit: Gigabyte)

With its VA panel running at 3440 x 1440 pixels, it sports an ideal pixel density of 109 ppi. This is the QHD sweet spot, where performance and image quality are in balance. You won’t need an expensive video card to achieve 80 fps on the G34WQC. And if you have a high-end video card, expect rates north of 120 fps.

Adaptive sync worked perfectly in our tests. FreeSync and (unofficial) G-Sync both ran without issue at 144 Hz with HDR engaged. Coupled with an excellent overdrive, the G34WQC eliminates nearly all motion blur. And if you want to go further, it includes a backlight strobe; although, you'll have to give up Adaptive-Sync to use it.

You’ll want to keep the picture bright because the G34WQC delivers superb black levels and almost 3,500:1 contrast for both SDR and HDR content. That’s more than many VA panels we’ve reviewed and triple the dynamic range of even the best IPS monitor. The only thing we missed there was a dynamic option for HDR. 

In every case, color was very enjoyable. 85% coverage of P3 means you’ll see vivid hues in all content. There is a usable sRGB mode, but we suspect most will prefer to use the full color gamut for everything. It doesn’t look over-saturated in SDR mode and gives HDR material a nice boost.

If you’ve been hoping for a price break on 34-inch 21:9 monitors, the Gigabyte G34WQC can deliver the goods. With solid video processing, excellent contrast and good color, it’s a pleasure to game on and well-suited to any task the workday might bring. Gigabyte has set high bars for performance and value in the 34-inch ultrawide category. 

  • Nekyno
    Thanks for a first review of this screen, great to hear that Gigabyte has done well with overdrive settings and input lag is fine. Moreover 85% DCI-P3 with an average calibration is good.

    However, many users report flickering with VRR turned on both in Freesync and G-sync. Have you experience any and which GPUs have you been using?
  • D1v1n3D
    VA panels have a major issue with ghosting or horrible pixel blur at fast motion Nano IPS is still a better looking panel all day everyday, I just wish they would fix the OLED issues of burn in images, and progress into Gaming monitors with 240hz + I will never go less than a 240hz at 1440p specially now that there are cards that can push that at ultra or high settings. GO RX series :). and HP Omen x27 240hz has dci-p3 of 90% on a TN panel and has been out for over a year this Gigabyte is GARBO a lot of games don't natively support ultra wide very niche specially in high end gaming or competition gaming.
  • aalkjsdflkj
    Thank you for the review! I've been waiting a few years for a monitor with these specs - 3440x1440, >100Hz, HDR, Freesync and GSync compatible, curved screen, and most importantly under $400. I thought I'd be waiting a few more years but it looks like they did a good job with this one on top of having the characteristics I was looking for.
  • TechLurker
    How does this compare to the Nixeus EDG34? Specs look very similar.
  • AlexScan
    Can you confirm that HDR and Freesync/Gsync work at 144hz simultaneously ?

    We were also able to engage HDR with both FreeSync and G-Sync (unofficially) at 144 Hz through DisplayPort. If you connect via HDMI, you'll be limited to a 100 Hz refresh rate
  • ES3KC
    So, it's now December 2020. Is the Dell S3220DGF "STILL" the best gaming monitor? Christian Eberle what do you think? Dell or Gigabyte?

    Also in your reviews, is there a benefit to either of these monitors using consoles vs PC? Both older xbox one x or the new ones Ps5 and/or xbox series x? Which one makes better since if you will play both console and PC?
  • ketrab
    Would it be safe to say this outperforms Viotek GNV34DBE for the same price?!