Gigabyte P37X v6 Gaming Laptop Review

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Gaming Benchmarks

Alien: Isolation

At 1080p, the Gigabyte P37X v6's performance in Alien: Isolation isn't quite as impressive as the G752VS OC Edition or Titan Pro, but at these framerates there isn't much to complain about. It handily beats the 1060-based Leopard Pro. At the laptop's UHD resolution, the P37X v6 averages just under 60 FPS; you should be able to enjoy a solid 60 with minimal tweaks.

Ashes of the Singularity

Our P37X v6 manages to maintain above 40 FPS average, but because Ashes of the Singularity appreciates strong multi-core performance, the Gigabyte doesn't have the edge the i7-6820HK laptops do. The MSI Titan Pro, with its GTX 1080 GPU and top-of-the-line CPU, shows what it takes to rise about 60 FPS here. Gigabyte's laptop also falls just below 30 FPS average at UHD.

Bioshock Infinite

Like most systems, the P37X v6 has no trouble breezing through Bioshock Infinite at maximum settings. It scores above 120 FPS, which is more than enough for an enjoyable gaming experience. GPU horsepower is a prime resource at higher resolutions, however, and the Gigabyte's GTX 1070 doesn't provide enough to deliver us a smooth 60 FPS at UHD.

DiRT Rally

The Gigabyte laptop nearly maintains well above 60 FPS throughout the DiRT Rally benchmark, falling only 10 FPS behind than the Asus offering. The GTX 1070 proves itself to be more than adequate at 1080p in DiRT Rally, whereas our Leopard Pro and its GTX 1060 doesn't fare as well. Performance isn’t as stellar at UHD, however, and you'll either have to turn off Advanced Blending and anti-aliasing, or step up to a more powerful system.

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is a incredibly intensive, and is best approached with a strong GPU-CPU combination. The G752VS OC Edition and MSI Titan Pro are adequately equipped, but even they struggle a bit (although the 1080-equipped Titan Pro hovers above 60 FPS in all scenes). The Gigabyte laptop is further limited because of its mobile CPU. At 1080p, the P37X v6 doesn't maintain an ideal 60 FPS during any of the benchmark scenes, and its performance plummets well below 30 FPS at UHD.

GRID Autosport

The i7-6700HQ and GTX 1070 in the P37X v6 provide enough performance for gamers to play GRID at 1080p without feature compromises, although the mobile CPU holds it back a bit compared with the G752VS OC Edition and Titan Pro. The Gigabyte laptop doesn't quite reach 60 FPS at UHD, and the extra ounce of performance an i7-6820HK affords may have pushed it beyond this threshold.


Hitman prefers lots of GPU performance, and at 1080p our Gigabyte P37X v6's GTX 1070 provides more than enough to spare, maintaining more than 71 FPS. It trails the Asus laptop (also packing a GTX 1070) by only about 18%, but it leads the 1060-based Leopard Pro by 28%. Obviously Hitman gobbles up what the Titan Pro's GTX 1080 gives it. Once again, The P37X v6 naturally suffers when taking advantage of its 4K resolution, falling far below 60 FPS on average.

Metro: Last Light Redux

Metro: Last Light Redux is a another unforgiving GPU-reliant title, and one that high-end systems have struggled with in the past. The GTX 1070 grants the Gigabyte enough performance to run Metro at solid frame rates. However, the game still remains an issue at UHD, and you'll have to make compromises if you want frame rates anywhere near 60 FPS.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

The performance difference between the i7-6820HK-equipped Asus and the Gigabyte P37X v6 is about 9.7% here, which is rather minimal. The additional memory and stronger CPU in the Asus laptop don’t benefit Rise of the Tomb Raider play as much, and neither 1070-equipped laptops achieve a 60 FPS average. Only the Titan Pro does that.

The Division

Like Rise of the Tomb Raider, The Division also favors a powerful GPU. Luckily, the Gigabyte P37X v6 maintains over 60 FPS average during the benchmark. Its performance is close to that of the G752VS OC Edition, which bests the Gigabyte offering by only 4 FPS. However, the P37X v6's performance is still lacking at UHD.


Thief isn't a very demanding game, and our results reflect the impact of each system's CPU at 1920x1080. The P37X v6 delivers respectable performance, and at FHD, you can crank up settings without many hiccups. At UHD, the system pushes closer to 40 FPS. A GTX 1080 at 4K might break the 60 FPS threshold at maximum settings, but light tweaking will bring the Gigabyte laptop close without a major loss in visual quality.

  • cknobman
    Paying this much I would expect a more premium build quality.
  • nebun
    hmmmm....not a bad looking the cooling, simple yet efficient...
  • wifiburger
    cooling is ok, granted I have last year model with old i7 , 980m, you prob wouldn't want to game on it in small room without AC, the heat output is like small heater you'll prob pass out after 2hours of gamming without some short of room fan / ventillation

    i was playing mine in tropical climate 37 degree ambient, small room for hours
  • AnarchoPrimitiv
    How come you guys never mentioned that the P37X is way thinner than the other laptops tested...I'd want the gigabyte (better yet auros) over ant other gaming laptop because it doesn't have some ridiculous red and black "gamer" look...I can't stand it
  • djb06461
    I bought my P37x one year ago, probably not V6, and I regret every cent spent on it.

    It is NOT a gaming laptop at all. The heat sink design is totally a joke, it cannot even handle mid setting of overwatch or diablo 3. It hot like a saute pan and slow like a saute pan too.

    I do have a gigabyte grapic card in my desktop and it is good. They are really doing terrible job on this laptop. Every minute on game is miserable.

    Never buy laptop with 'slim' design, lesson learned in a hard way.