Gigabyte P37X v6 Gaming Laptop Review

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Price Analysis And Conclusion

Gigabyte's P37X v6 gaming laptop is attractive, with its sleek, matte-black design that will surely appeal to gamers who want a powerful system without attracting unwanted attention. Gigabyte doesn’t make any any compromises on the internals either; with an i7-6700HQ, a GTX 1070, 16GB of memory and both an SSD and HDD, you have yourself the standard specifications for a modern high-end gaming laptop. Out of the four laptops we've tested initially, its display stood out the most. It's vibrant, has accurate color reproduction, and remains fairly consistent across all brightness settings. And it's UHD. However, this system gets too hot for our liking.

Although the P37X v6 doesn’t win the performance battle among the gaming laptops we've tested so far, it still delivers excellent gaming performance at FHD at maximum settings. For games where it doesn't surpass the 60 FPS threshold, simple game setting tweaks will still go a long way.

4K resolution is another story. Maximum settings bring the P37X v6’s performance well under playable frame rates. 4K negates the need for anti-aliasing, so turning these off helps performance immensely, but for incredibly demanding titles like Grand Theft Auto V, the GTX 1070 paired with a mobile processor just won’t be enough.

This leads us to a discussion of value. At $2,400, the P37X v6 is an incredibly expensive system. Couple this with the fact that for only $100 more, the Asus G752VS OC Edition outclasses the P37X v6 performance-wise almost across the board. Additionally, 4K performance isn’t particularly impressive, so the additional cost incurred by the 4K display drives the P37X v6’s value down even further.

So where can we find a good value? If the GTX 1070 performs well at FHD, perhaps we should stick to this resolution for now. Luckily, Gigabyte has 1080p systems with similar specifications that won’t break the bank. The P57X v6, for example, contains an i7-6700HQ CPU, a GTX 1070 GPU, 16GB of DDR4 memory (albeit clocked at 2133MHz), a 256GB SSD, and a 1TB HDD. It also features a 17.3" display, so you won’t lose out on screen real estate either. To top it off, the P57X v6 is priced at $2,000. It will offer similar performance compared to the P37X v6 for a fraction of the price.

Gigabyte's Aorus systems also come in at prices similar to the P37X v6, but with more reasonable specifications. At $2,400 you can buy an Aorus X7 v6 configuration with an i7-6820HK, a GTX 1070, 16GB of memory, a 256GB SSD, and a 1TB HDD. For the same price, the X5 v6 offers the same specifications as the X7 v6, but with a 15.6" 2880x1620 display. The i7-6820HK should work better in tandem with the GTX 1070 at high resolutions.

The Gigabyte P37X v6 is by no means a bad machine; in fact, it's an excellent one. Unfortunately, its downfall is the high resolution display that you cannot adequately game on without compromises. If Gigabyte offered the same exact device with a FHD display and a slightly smaller SSD for $400 cheaper, the P37X v6 would certainly contend for the best value in a GTX 1070 laptop.

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  • cknobman
    Paying this much I would expect a more premium build quality.
  • nebun
    hmmmm....not a bad looking the cooling, simple yet efficient...
  • wifiburger
    cooling is ok, granted I have last year model with old i7 , 980m, you prob wouldn't want to game on it in small room without AC, the heat output is like small heater you'll prob pass out after 2hours of gamming without some short of room fan / ventillation

    i was playing mine in tropical climate 37 degree ambient, small room for hours
  • AnarchoPrimitiv
    How come you guys never mentioned that the P37X is way thinner than the other laptops tested...I'd want the gigabyte (better yet auros) over ant other gaming laptop because it doesn't have some ridiculous red and black "gamer" look...I can't stand it
  • djb06461
    I bought my P37x one year ago, probably not V6, and I regret every cent spent on it.

    It is NOT a gaming laptop at all. The heat sink design is totally a joke, it cannot even handle mid setting of overwatch or diablo 3. It hot like a saute pan and slow like a saute pan too.

    I do have a gigabyte grapic card in my desktop and it is good. They are really doing terrible job on this laptop. Every minute on game is miserable.

    Never buy laptop with 'slim' design, lesson learned in a hard way.