Good 3D Performance at a Middling Price: GeForce 6600 Shootout


The GV-NX66T128VP is the ideal card for those who desire the quietest PC possible without having to dispense with good 3D performance Thanks to the boosted memory clock rate the card's 3D performance is very good. The rest of the equipment is also quite substantial.

Overview Gigabyte
Product Name GV-NX66T128VP
Manufacturer Gigabyte
Homepage Link
Graphics Processor NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT
Codename NV43
Bus Standard x16 PEG
Memory 128 MB
Memory Type GDDR3
Core Clock Speed 500 MHz
Memory Clock Speed 1120 MHz
Memory Buswidth 128 bit
Memory Bandwidth 17.9 GB/s
Pixel Pipelines 8
Vertex Shader Units 3
VGA 1x
DVI 1x
TV-Out S-Video
TV-Out HDTV Support +
Dual-Link DVI -
Power Cable -
Video-In Composite
TV-In (Tuner) -
Audio-In -
Cooling Passive Cooling
Adjustable Fan-Speed -
Hardware-Monitoring Temperature
DVI-I -> VGA Adaptor 1x
Cables -
(HDTV) YPrPb output +
Software Bundle WinDVD 5
PowerDirector 3
GibaByte Tools
Games Bundle Joint Operations: Thyphoon
Thief - Deadly Shadows
Others/Specials -
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