Good 3D Performance at a Middling Price: GeForce 6600 Shootout


The user software bundle is rather meager, including the DVD player software WinDVD from InterVideo, as well as the video editing package Muvee autoProducer 3.0 (the current version is 4; an upgrade costs $19.95)

Gaming fans get far more value for their money with full versions of the games Prince Of Persia (2 CDs) and Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow (DVD).

Prince Of Persia.

Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow.

Leadtek's own tools collection, WinFox 2, is very playful. Apart from overclocking utilities, there is a display of system information on the graphics card, motherboard, CPU and lots more. It also includes BIOS flash programs and even simple integrated games, so there is a lot to be discovered.

The overclocking menu of Leadtek's WinFox2 utility.

The hardware monitoring menu shows the temperatures of the card.

The breakout box included for the TV output permits the connection of S-video devices or HDTV displays via YPbPr. As with many other models in this test though, a simple composite output was missing.