Good 3D Performance at a Middling Price: GeForce 6600 Shootout


Trinity AGP6600GT

Albatron's AGP6600GT 3D performance is very good. The card also looks quite impressive. But due to the fan's unbearably high noise level, the card wastes its potential and can't be given high marks.

Trinity PC6600U

In a few motherboards, the PC6600U's oversized heatsink thwarts the problem-free installation of the card. Disregarding that, however, the card delivers very good 3D performance for GeForce 6600 proportions. The card's SLI capability is worth noting.

Trinity PC6600GT

If you're not bothered by the card's otherwise meager array of components, you're getting a solid GeForce 6600 GT card in the Albatron PC6600GT. Thanks to the negligible increase in frame rate, the 3D performance of the PC6600GT is minimally better than that of the usual GeForce 6600 GT models.

Overview Albatron
Product Name AGP6600GT PC6600U PC6600GT
Manufacturer Albatron
Graphics Processor NVIDIA NV43
6600 GT
6600 6600 GT
Bus Standard AGP 4x/8x x16 PEG x16 PEG
Memory 128 MB 128 MB 128 MB
Memory Type GDDR3 GDDR3 GDDR3
Core Clock Speed 505 MHz 400 MHz 505 MHz
Memory Clock Speed 950 MHz 700 MHz 1010 MHz
Memory Buswidth 128 bit 128 bit 128 bit
Memory Bandwidth 15.2 GB/s 11.2 GB/s 16.2 GB/s
Pixel Pipelines 8 8 8
Vertex Shader Units 3 3 3
VGA 1x 1x 1x
DVI 1x 1x 1x
TV-Out Composite
TV-Out HDTV Support + + +
Dual-Link DVI - - -
Power Cable + - -
Video-In - - -
TV-In (Tuner) - - -
Audio-In - - -
Cooling Cooling Fan Cooling Fan Cooling Fan
Adjustable Fan-Speed - - -
Hardware-Monitoring Temperature Temperature Temperature
DVI-I -> VGA Adaptor - - -
Cables - - -
(HDTV) YPrPb output + + +
Software Bundle WinDVD Creator
Games Bundle Arx Fatalis
Games Demos
Others/Specials -
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