Holiday Buyer's Guide 2006, Part 3: Components & Peripherals

Dual Hard Drive RAID Enclosure: ProAvio DVBox

The DVBox by ProAvio (built by Enhance Technologies) is a dual 3.5" hard drive enclosure that connects to your system via 800 Mbit/s IEEE-1394b/Firewire and runs RAID 0 across two hard drives. You have to pick two equally-sized 3.5" UltraATA hard drives; this gives you a total storage capacity of up to 1.5 TB if using two 750 GB hard drives. The product is, however, mostly available with factory-installed 500 GB hard drives for an overall capacity of 1 TB.

Thanks to the RAID infrastructure and the fast 1394b interface, data transfer rate rates easily exceed 50 MB/s. This not only makes the device suitable for high-speed temporary storage, but also for real-time video editing with Final Cut, Premiere or other applications.