Holiday Buyer's Guide 2006, Part 3: Components & Peripherals

Seagate USB 2.0 Pocket Hard Drive 6 GB

The Pocket Hard Drive is round, stores up to 8 GB, and is based on Seagate's family of 1" hard drives. It connects to your PC or notebook via USB 2.0, but the connector can be retracted to fit into the housing, making the drive perfectly suited for carrying in your pocket. The unit comes in capacities of 2.5 GB, 5 GB, 6 GB and 8 GB, but you will have to spend at least $70 on the 2.5 GB version. We recommend that you go for the 6 GB model, because it exceeds the capacity of most USB Flash memory sticks, and has the best price/performance ratio: $ 80 is a very acceptable price tag for such a storage device.