Intel's New Weapon: The Coppermine

Overall Processor Comparison

Now it's about time to see how Coppermine sticks up against its archenemy Athlon. It should be a tight match between the two, as we could see from the results above. In office as well as some game applications Coppermine is a lot faster than the old Pentium III and then there is Coppermine's clock speed advantage. AMD sells its fastest Athlon at 700 MHz, the fastest Coppermine runs at 733 MHz.

Office Application Performance Under Windows98SE

SYSmark98 - Windows98SE        
CPU Score   CPU Score
Pentium III 500 211   Athlon 500 237
Pentium III 500E 226      
Pentium III 533B 217      
Pentium III 533EB 232      
Pentium III 550 228   Athlon 550 253
Pentium III 550E 241      
Pentium III 600 245   Athlon 600 270
Pentium III 600B 237      
Pentium III 600E 257      
Pentium III 600EB 251      
Pentium III 650 272   Athlon 650 287
Pentium III 667 271      
Pentium III 700 288   Athlon 700 300
Pentium III 733 290      
Pentium III 750 (overclocked) 303   Athlon 750 (overclocked) 313
      Kryotech Cool Athlon 800 328
      Kryotech Cool Athlon 900 339

Under Windows 98 Athlon still rules SYSmark98, but the margin has shrunk. You may be surprised to see that Coppermine at 133 MHz FSB scores less than at 100 MHz FSB. The reason for this is that we ran Coppermine in a legally available Apollo Pro 133+-platform, that scores worse than an i820-platform would. If i820 was ready and available, Coppermine would get closer to Athlon. Let's face the facts though, Intel screwed it up and Coppermine is still behind Athlon.

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