Leadtek's A400 Series Goes Heavy Metal

Software Bundle

The software bundled with all three cards is identical. It consists of the obligatory driver CD, which also contains Leadtek's WinFox utility, DVD player software, the 3D viewer Cult3D as well as the Coloreal utilities Embedded, Visual & Bright.

The gaming bundle can be considered a real treat. It consists of the full retail version of the current best-selling game Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow (DVD version), the full version of Prince of Persia 2 - The Sands of Time (2 CDs), as well as the full versions of the two older games Gunmetal and Big Mutha Truckers.

3D Performance

The 3D performance of Leadtek's A 400 cards completely fulfills our expectations. Since they all follow NVIDIA's clockspeed recommendations, they offer performance in line with that of most other 6800 cards of their class.

Now for a couple of benchmarks: