Leadtek's A400 Series Goes Heavy Metal

Leadtek A400 Ultra TDH

The only optical difference between the A400 Ultra TDH and GT are the Dual-DVI monitor connectors and a second power connector.

The A400 Ultra offers even more performance than the GT version. Like the GT version, the GeForce 6800 Ultra graphics processor features 16 pixel pipelines. It runs at 400 MHz (core) and 1.1 GHz (memory), which is in accordance with NVIDIA's reference design.

The two display connectors of the A400 Ultra TDH both use the DVI-I interface. Leadtek includes two DVI-I -> VGA connectors with the card so that CRT monitors can still be hooked up to the it. Thus, you can use either two TFTs, two CRTs or one of each with the Ultra. The card also has special requirements where the power supply is concerned, as NVIDIA recommends at least a 350W PSU. While this is still relatively moderate, NVIDIA goes on to recommend a 480W PSU if the card is overclocked or used in a PC that contains a large number of additional components such as several hard drives, CD-R drives and the like. The two auxiliary power cables that the card requires should also be used exclusively by the card, and not attached to any other components.

Aside from these differences, the feature set and the cooler of this card are identical to that of the A400 Ultra TDH.

The A400 Ultra TDH does not just look very heavy - it really is!