LG G3 Smartphone Review: A Plethora Of Pixels And A Laser!

Results: HTML5 And JavaScript Benchmarks

The tests on this page are JavaScript- and HTML5-heavy selections from our Web Browser Grand Prix series. Such tests are extremely meaningful to mobile devices because so much of the in-app content is served via the platform's native Web browser. These tests not only offer a view of each device's Web browsing performance, but since these tasks are traditionally so CPU-dependent, browser benchmarks (especially JavaScript-heavy tests) are a great way to measure SoC performance among devices using the same platform and browser.

Browsermark 2.1

Rightware's Browsermark 2.1 is a synthetic browsing benchmark that tests several performance metrics, including load time, CSS, DOM, HTML5 Canvas, JavaScript and WebGL.

The G3 performs as expected in our first Web browsing benchmark, achieving nearly the same score as the OnePlus One and Galaxy S5. The Snapdragon 805-powered Note 4 is only 6% faster than the G3, which is not enough to be noticeable in everyday use.


Unlike most JavaScript performance benchmarks, JSBench could almost be considered real-world, since it utilizes actual snippets of JavaScript from Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo.

Again we see the Snapdragon-based devices line up according to CPU architecture. The iPhone 6 Plus dominates this benchmark thanks to Safari’s JIT compiler optimizations.

Peacekeeper 2.0

Peacekeeper is a synthetic JavaScript performance benchmark from Futuremark.

The Peacekeeper results are similar to those from JSBench. So far, the G3 performs on par with its peers, avoiding any performance anomalies.

WebXPRT 2013

Principled Technologies' WebXPRT 2013 is an HTML5-based benchmark that simulates common productivity tasks that are traditionally handled by locally installed applications, including photo editing, financial charting and offline note-taking.

The LG G3 performs well in our final Web browsing benchmark and doesn’t exhibit any performance or stability issues.

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  • Vorador2
    At this point, i wouldn't bother. Rumors have surfaced than a successor will be launched in March.

    Tom's, you're almost at the point of self-parody. I would rename the site to "The Slowest Authority on Tech"
  • wtfxxxgp
    For once I must agree that THW has dropped the ball on a very important phone review - it was too late - and the "better late than never" gesture never applies to a Review of something. My sister has just purchased this phone a week ago, had I had sight of a THW review then I'm sure I could have convinced her to rather wait for the next model that would surely have better support for that gorgeous screen - I played with it, it really is amazing watching video on that thing.
  • zodiacfml
    It's quite late and learned little except the voice activated shutter feature. Most of the information are subjective and benchmarks are quite of little use since the database is quite few.

    Tom's, here is a suggestion. Since you're good with gaming benchmarks, why not just make reviews of smartphones as portable gaming machines? There's plenty of information to be gathered from such and plenty of debates/discussion could be created just from that.
    Build a database of old games and phones to be compared to new devices. Higher benchmark numbers encourages upgrades (*wink*).
  • Shaft_32
    Mamory 3GB LPDDR3 1GB LPDDR3

    Mamory? Really? So we aren't spell checking now?
  • Cryio
    Absolutely no Lumia in the photo shoot comparison? I thought. A Lumia 1020 or Lumia 930 with Denim should have photo sampling comparisons in the next list. Also an iPhone 6+.
  • bujcri
    Suprised not to be mentioned about LG's Lollipop update for LG G3. At least worth mentioning that this update pretty much ruined some funtions on G3 like silent mode (now DND) and brought a lot of useless notifications on lockscreen like for example whatever you wanna have permanently on the notification bar (I used to have the date there). In a nutshell I really hate Lollipop.
  • stevessvt
    Man! I can't wait for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 review!
  • kiniku
    I sold this phone on Ebay and bought a Sony Xperia Z3. I went from 8-10 hours of battery life to 48+, brighter screen, water resistant, and amazing sound.
  • glasssplinter
    I had to look at this article several times to confirm that you really just published this. New phone models are just around the corner and you're barely pushing this article out. Why did you feel the need to compare so many features to crapple tech also? The whole reason I'm interested in the phone is because it isn't crapple so people don't care how it stacks up. We want to know how it compares to other android phones. It's like putting the newest icrap review out and then saying but the icrap 10 still doesn't have a removable battery but this android and windows phone does in some hope of swaying them. Tom's has hit new lows...you would have been better off just not publishing this.
  • MobileEditor
    Man! I can't wait for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 review!

    Don't buy it. Review done :)

    - Matt H.
  • meir
    Too much articles about the lg g4. I begin to suspect that there is some conection between google now and lg.
    To much oviese.
  • danbfree
    To address some of the things people have said: The phone is actually water resistant, it has been submerged a foot deep for 3 hours and has been fine, so to me that qualifies unofficially as water resistant... To me the camera is amazing, apparently it's only weakness is low-light photos, I think it's "good" in this area, just not "amazing" like the rest of the camera features... I get about 24 hours of battery life out of mine with light-moderate use, depending on data source/strength. I suppose I can see heavy users maybe wanting more, which leads me to:

    The biggest problem with this phone is simply the high resolution. It causes the phone to have lower battery life than the G2 and can induce "lagginess" in even normal use as the Qualcomm 801's integrated graphics can't fully handle the resolution. I LOVE the feel, functions, look, build quality, etc, but that makes me rate the phone a 4/5.
    What's next, a review on the "new" (actually, first) iPhone?
  • Felix Caouette
    Galaxy S5 is offered in Canada by Fido too.
  • deftonian
    Why is this website so horrendous? I mean, you can't even get someone hired on that can make these articles and navigating the website somewhat enjoyable? I HATE the fact that you don't make the charts size-able to fit all the content on a single screen, instead of having to cycle right and left for comparison. Who told you that was an okay idea? Maybe I'm being too picky... or maybe I'm just used to other websites who can deliver an experience much friendlier than this.

    Don't even get me started on the ad spam here.
  • MasterMace
    Just comparing hardware, in the 5.5-6" section of smartphones, looking at dual-cores and 1080p screens is a generation behind, at least. Comparing the Note 4 and the G3, the Note 4 is simply superior.

    That being said, Qualcomm makes crap GPUs. Even with Apple cheapo-ing out by grabbing the 6450-128s, their GPU is still superior to the Adreno 420 (128)s.
  • alextheblue
    This phone is due for retirement as a flagship, but the review isn't completely worthless. Consider the fact that soon you'll be able to get this phone for substantially less money as the new flagships stream in. Someone who can't afford or refuses to buy the most current flagship phone might be looking at this phone or an S5. Frankly I'd take the G3 over the S5 in a heartbeat. 50% extra RAM right off the bat, and a better (IMO) display.
    I sold this phone on Ebay and bought a Sony Xperia Z3. I went from 8-10 hours of battery life to 48+, brighter screen, water resistant, and amazing sound.

    Uh oh! Bull alert! Even with the (slightly) larger battery, smaller and lower resolution display, you would at best get something like a 30% improvement in battery life under the same conditions. Personally I've seen a G3 do fine all day under moderate usage, but YMMV. But 48+ hours? Yeah, OK did you turn on airplane mode and never wake the phone?
  • Lkaos
    I have to say it again...The LG G3's optic sensor DOES NOT support 4k HDR video recording...How can you guys say this phone support it!? The IMX135, which is the one the LG is using, DOES NOT support 4k video recording, if you are viewing any 4k video on that phone , it must be trailers that LG made available on phones, as DEMOS! Upon acquiring them!
  • Lkaos
    And seriously!? MONO speakers on a flagship phone!? The high and dandy iPhone, said to have the best sound of all the smartphone uses a MONO speaker and they have the audacity to call it great sound?