Quick Takes: 13 Mid-Tower Cases Rounded-Up

Hiper Osiris

The packaging shows that Hiper has put some real thought into its Osiris case. One special feature of the Osiris case is the material used: the mid-tower consists of an aluminum alloy with special thermal properties that make it able to withstand high stress—the same material is used for the wings of fighter planes.

Both side covers are mounted with two hinges that are very unique: no bolts are used, rather large metal handles open the sides. The cover has a transparent window that you can open to reveal a very slick interior. The only thing that slightly lowers the positive overall impression are the two welding seams that connect the mounting cages for the drives.

The case comes with three pre-installed 120 mm fans for ventilation. As a special feature, each case in the Osiris series carries a production number on the back panel. In addition, each comes with a keychain of the Egyptian god Osiris and the serial number.