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Quick Takes: 13 Mid-Tower Cases Rounded-Up


Because they’re not too tall and not too short, mid-tower chassis tend to be the most popular. When choosing our 13 candidates, we tried to collect a wide variety of models, based on the current market situation. Besides well known manufacturers like Silverstone and Enermax, we also found lesser-known companies offering their own interesting products.

We set out to answer a number of different questions. For example, how is the build of the case compared to others in the market ? Which advantages and disadvantages do the cases have relative to each other ? Are all edges sharp or rounded ? Further test criteria include the ease of adding hardware components and good internal ventilation.

An Overview of the Test Candidates

  • AeroCool T-Gun Pro
  • Antec Three Hundred
  • Enermax Phoenix Neo
  • Gigabyte iSOLO
  • Hiper Osiris
  • Huntkey H201 Aeolus
  • Ikonik Zaria
  • Inwin Gundam
  • LanCool PC-K1
  • Lian LI PC-B25 Black
  • Silverstone SST-KL01B Kublai
  • Thermaltake M5 VJ2000
  • Zalman Z-Machine GT1000