Quick Takes: 13 Mid-Tower Cases Rounded-Up

Thermaltake M5 VJ2000

The left side of the black M5 VJ2000 from Thermaltake has a large diagonal window through which you can see the interior of the steel case, including the illuminated 120 mm system fan on the front that draws air into the housing. Although this mid-tower appears tiny, you can fit 11 drives into it, six of which are accessible from the outside. The ventilation system consists of two pre-installed 120 mm fans, with additional ones optional. Hardware installation can be achieved without any tools, since few screws are used in the housing. For example, clips ensure secure mounting of the drives. The mounting apparatus of the expansion cards however is not as optimal as it should be: our test graphics card from AMD (which uses two slots) was still rather loose after installation.

Despite a wide range of products available in North America, this particular submission suffers from poor availability outside of Europe, it’d seem.

Siggy Moersch